May 2024

Fuzzy Door Spotlights ViewScreen at ASC Clubhouse

The terms previs and postvis have long been familiar to cinematographers. Now, a new term is about to enter the lexicon: ProVis. During a recent dinner meeting at the ASC Clubhouse, members were introduced to ViewScreen, an app that uses a patented suite of augmented reality visualization tools to simultaneously integrate VFX and live action in real time. This mode of production visualization represents the latest method for achieving higher levels of precision in the practice of the craft. A digital “Ted” is placed within the Clubhouse via ViewScreen. (Photo by Stephen Pizzello) Developed by Fuzzy Door Tech (a division of multi-hyphenate Seth MacFarlane’s production company), ViewScreen’s family of products simplifies cumbersome and...more

Fuzzy Door Ted with Billys Sign at ASC Clubhouse