December 2023

Finessing Killers of the Flower Moon at Company 3

American Cinematographer: You and Rodrigo Prieto ASC, AMC have worked together on quite a few films. How did that creative relationship start out? Yvan Lucas: I spent many years as a timer in Paris at Éclair and I've always loved the whole process of working with film. Cinematographers could do so much by choosing the film stock and the timer could contribute quite a bit just through printer lights. And there was even more you can do with different processing techniques, like bleach bypass and ENR. When I went into color grading, where you can alter lift, gamma, gain and so much more, I still preferred to work the way I did as a timer. We can create custom LUTs that are very much like custom “film stocks,” and I still start out using just...more

Killers of the Flower Moon Technicolor LUT


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