Godox Knowled BeamLight Max90: A Cinematic-Grade Parallel Beam Lighting Solution

LED technology is a constantly evolving innovation and represents the future of cinematic lighting.

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"Embracing creative possibilities, empowering creators to effortlessly bring their vision to life," serves as the corporate mantra of Godox Knowled. From compact tools for convenient use to game-changing fixtures with ample power, the Knowled lighting ecosystem offers a boundless canvas for imagination and creativity.

Godox uses its extensive R&D capabilities to deliver more efficient and transformative lighting tools. The launch of the BeamLight Max 90 has revolutionized LED lighting by overcoming the limitations of traditional LEDs, which were primarily effective for short-range illumination. BeamLight Max90 paired with high-powered LED demonstrates the formidable power of Knowled cinematic ecosystem, providing innovative LED lighting solutions for large-scale shoots.

Breaking Led Boundaries
The Godox Knowled BeamLight Max90 stands out as a pioneering accessory tailor-made for high-power LEDs, representing a significant advancement in lighting technology. Crafting a powerful parallel beam of light, it enables high-output LEDs, such as Knowled G mount lights, to illuminate distances of over 280 meters with minimal decay, providing outstanding light quality. This allows LED lighting to be used in more scenarios, and compared to traditional lighting, LEDs offer advantages such as easy dimming, color control, and high energy efficiency. The BeamLight Max90 further enhances these benefits, making them accessible for more shooting situations.

An Innovative Solution
LED technology is a constantly evolving innovation and represents the future of cinematic lighting. The Knowled MG2400Bi stands out as one of the most powerful LED point-source fixtures on the market, ensuring stable full-power output. Paired with the BeamLight Max90, the first parallel beam light accessory tailored for high-power LEDs, they create a formidable LED parallel light source, boasting astonishing throw and illuminance, thus offering a new LED solution for cinematic lighting in large-scale settings.

BeamLight Max90 is compatible with all G-mount LED lighting, such as the Godox Knowled MG1200BI/2400BI/1200R, as well as future releases of G-Mount LED fixtures. When combined with the MG2400Bi, it provides remarkable brightness comparable to traditional 12K HMI fixtures.

Ultra-narrow beam angle of only 5°
The Godox Knowled BeamLight Max90 achieves an exceptionally narrow beam angle of only 5°. This capability allows it to produce potent parallel beams with slow decay and exceptional efficiency, ideal for faithfully recreating the natural sunlight across long distances. When paired with Cine Lighting Reflectors LiteFlow, it establishes an optimized parallel lighting system, maximizing the utilization of light to its fullest extent.

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